Rodeo Set Of 4 Stemless Martini Glasses Gold Or Silver Rimmed
Rodeo Set Of 4 Stemless Martini Glasses Gold Or Silver Rimmed

Advantages Of Serving Plastic Martini Glasses

Because of the main character of glass that cracks easily, many restaurants, pubs, bars and nightclubs move to use martini plastic glasses over the standard one. Particularly for clubs and bars who serve youngsters.

Plastic Martini glasses are produced in wide range of fun style, a variety of shapes and sizes and materials. Disposable and reusable plastic martini glasses are also available on the market at the moment. The elegant plastic martini glasses are also suitable for weddings, cocktail socials and holiday events. 

Plastic Martini glasses have a number of advantages over standard glasses; not only for a lesser cost but also reducing the injury risks of their customers and attendants when the party is on.

Plastic Martini glasses are available in various color and shape which can add to the uniqueness of the bar.

They can become a marketing tool as they can be branded by printing some images or writing on the glasses.

In the market, Plastic Martini glasses are composed of separate stem and top cone. The cones are often made for disposable use in parties and will allow the glasses to be remodeled very easily for any theme parties.

These glasses come much less cost compared to the standard Martini glasses.

Plastic glasses are virtually unbreakable which means that they need to be replaced less than standard glass and are a safer alternative.

Plastic martini glasses are very ideal for busy nightclubs and bars and where the glass washing is not an easy job. They are also most suited in any places where the standard glass is not allowed on the dance floor, because:

Broken glass is sharp and needs to be cleaned up immediately; otherwise it can be a safety hazard if left on the floor.

Broken glass can be used as a weapon

Thus, plastic martini glasses truly come as a rescuer both for the customers and the bars.

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