Bathroom Layout Plans For Small And Large Rooms
Bathroom Layout Plans For Small And Large Rooms

Floor Plan For Narrow Bathrooms

Are you someone who is planning on building a new home or renovating your old home? Do you have some difficulties in designing your bathroom for your new home because of its small space? Be happy since here we would gladly direct you to how you should have your narrow bathroom floor plans in order for you to have although a small bathroom but still comfortable and nice.

The first idea is to make the very standard bathroom layouts for a 5ft x 8ft sized bathroom. This will work well for a small family bathroom. The design is by having a sink in front of the door, toilet bowl beside the sink, and bath tub place beside the toilet bowl. There will be enough room for someone to undress and get dress, but the problem is that you won’t probably always have it dry since there’s no space for the wet zone. You can also develop this floor plan by putting a wall cabinet above the sink and toilet bowl. But do not change the position of the sink and toilet to avoid the rather unethical feeling whenever you open the door.

Having a smaller bathroom size? Well, a 6ft x 6ft square bathroom will still do for a standard bathroom with shower. Place the washbasin in front of the door, shower box on beside it, and the toilet bowl will be in front of the shower box. Not that hard, right?

Say, if your small bathroom is not in a square shape but rather in a longer and thinner space. No worries, another layout is provided special for you. By this kind of bathroom, to lessen the space, you can consider to have the door swing out of the room, or to make it better, you can also consider of having a pocket door. The layout will be the washbasin right in front of the door, the toilet bowl will be on one side of the sink and the shower will be on the other side.

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