20 Luxe Living Room Design Ideas
20 Luxe Living Room Design Ideas
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Play Your Living Room With Chair Covers

Getting bored of your furniture doesn’t mean that you have to throw them away then buy a new one. Definitely it will cost you so much! Thus, to make it easier for you to redecorate your home, especially your living room, a chair cover will be such a great help. Chair covers will not only give you a new sensation towards your living room, but they will also help you to maintain the chairs, sofas, our couches you have so that their color won’t fade. In addition, chair covers will also expose more color towards your lively living room.

In choosing living room chair covers, you have to be careful as well. Make sure that your selected chair covers are washable to make it easier for you to keep them clean. Also, if you choose the 100% cotton material and bed linen for your chair covers, they will be easily cleaned if you find any splatter. Thus, if you choose suede or velvet material, make sure to clean them by dry-cleaning.

To create some colors for your spacious living room, it’s a good idea to utilize ornamental cushion and toss covers. Even so, by putting a knit toss quilt or antique duvet to cover your couch, you will be able to make a welcoming living room as well as provide you color for the living room space.

On the other hand, if you are fonder of simple living room, an oatmeal chair cover will give you a cozy yet comfy feeling by using it for your living room couch. But, slipcover doesn’t have to be the one who gives the sparkling feeling for your living room. If you already have a cheerful wall color, for example bright red, orange, or yellow, you tone it down by a softer color of your chair cover, take white as the example.

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