11 Ideas To Fix A Small Cramped Bathroom Or Shower
11 Ideas To Fix A Small Cramped Bathroom Or Shower

Small Shower Bathroom Plan

Do you have quite a space in your bedroom that you think could be made into a small bathroom? But at the same time you also think that it will be too small for a bathroom? No need to worry, here we would like to help you find a floor plan for your small bathroom.

A square area of 6ft x 6ft can still be used for a small bathroom. Indeed, that is the standard size of a bathroom with a shower. This small bathroom floor plan with showers will be very simple, but all the standard things you need will be there, sink, toilet bowl, and also standard shower box. You can put the sink in the corner, in front of the door. In the other corner, beside the sink, place the standard shower box. While beside the shower box, there will be the toilet bowl. To make a larger space so that you can easily go in and out, you can make your door into a pocket door, so that it will lessen the used space.

Nonetheless, what if your space is not in a square shape? A narrow and thin space will still be possible for you to make a small bathroom with shower. Let’s say you have a rectangular space with the size of 4ft x 8ft. You can make more than one design actually towards this kind of small bathroom. The first one, you can put the door in the center of the length. Then, in front of it, install the sink. On one side, install the shower box, and put the toilet bowl on the other side. Or the second choice, you can put the door at one side of the width. In a series, install the sink, toilet bowl, and the shower box will be in the end of your small bathroom.

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