What Is Parchment Paper Usage How To Use Parchment Paper In Cooking Epicurious
What Is Parchment Paper Usage How To Use Parchment Paper In Cooking Epicurious

What is Parchment Paper Usage

Parchment paper, popularly known as bakery paper or baking paper, is a silicone coated papers used in baking as a disposable non-stick surface. You will notice it in most baking recipes to line a pan.

Parchment paper is widely available in most supermarket or baking supply stores. These commonly sold in white or brown color, in a long packaged roll or in a pre-cut sheet box.

This less inexpensive paper isn’t just for a home bakers, or pastry professionals.  It is most welcome and functionally designed for people who just to get fresh cookies off a baking pan without making spatula dirty.  Often, it is reusable.  After leaving the paper cool, fold it up, and save it for the next round of baking.

Parchment paper is perfect for variety kitchen tasks, as this thin sheet of paper is a heat proof and grease resistant.  It is easy to use. All you need to do is just line the baking sheet and pans with the paper. Place the whole baking ingredients onto a sheet tray, no need to add extra spray to grease the sheet of paper, and transfer it into a microwave oven without disaster. Bake them as directed.

Parchment paper also useful:

  • To line cookie sheets and cake pans. However, to keep the parchment paper in place, rub a little softened butter in all four corners of the pan, then press the paper into the buttered corner.
  • To cook or steam chicken, fish, or vegetables in the oven or microwave to keep the food moist.
  • To roast vegetables and potatoes in the oven
  • To line countertops when measuring, mixing, and shredding ingredients
  • To roll out pizza dough and cookies without sticking to the rolling pin or rolling surface

This non-sticking paper is worthy to have as it eases cleaning up.

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